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Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Dimension

Physical  safeguard and improve your health

Practice moderation
Exercise, eat well, sleep, play, stretch, relax
Get health screenings and intervention when needed
Reduce risk, wear a seatbelt, do safety checks

Social Dimension

Social  connect with people

Be a good neighbor, friend, relative, partner
Enjoy solitude and companionship
Find your place and help others find theirs
Develop empathy and good listening skills
Create natural harmony and balance

Emotional Dimensions

Emotional  feel, express and respond to diverse feelings without harming anyone

Seek personal awareness and acceptance
Balance personal needs with those of others
Weather life’s ups and downs; laugh, cry, share
Be flexible, strive to grow

Purposeful Dimension

Purposeful  engage in rewarding activities

Use talents and experience in a meaningful way
Contribute to your community
Master new skills
Strive to make the world a better place


Spiritual Dimension

Spiritual  develop a sense of self and a sense of connectedness

Find meaning in your life and environment
Develop and follow an ethical code
Find and appreciate the wonder in small things
Express gratitude

Intellectual Dimension

Intellectual  learn, grow, think, create, communicate

Learn and teach throughout your lifetime
Explore your outer and inner world; be curious
Try new things, take new paths
Do a familiar thing in a new way
Be open to culture, art, ideas, novelty


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